Don’t Worry, I Won’t Talk to You

By Patrick Bateman

This post was written on August 6, 2016

I have seen that look before. You are awkwardly looking away as you and I are trapped in an elevator or some other confined space, and you know you are a pretty girl. You probably get hit on every time you find yourself in this situation. You are afraid I might say something and make you feel uncomfortable. But don’t worry – I’m not going to bother talking to you.

Recently in Nottingham, police have begun to institute a policy where they can arrest men for “hate crimes” if they “bother” women, or “make them uncomfortable” in public. Basically, if you hit on a girl in the street and said girl does not find you attractive, you are at risk of being arrested.

With that in mind, why would I speak to you? If you are a pretty girl, the odds are quite high that I could be viewed as harassing you. I’m good looking, but looks are subjective. There is just no point anymore. It isn’t worth it. It was bad enough that I have to endure the risk of rejection and embarrassment if a girl turns me down. Now there is the added humiliation of being arrested? No thanks.

So the next time you see me and you get those alarms going off saying, “oh god, not another guy, please don’t say anything to me”, don’t you worry your pretty little head. I am not going to bother. I am sure there are a lot of other men out there that are going to drop out for the same reasons.

In ten year’s time, when that same pretty girl finds herself alone in an elevator with me she will probably be hopeful that I will say something to her. It will even be less likely by then.


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