The Pendulum

By Bane

It swings right, then it swings left. What we are now seeing is the beginning of a swing to the right.

Triggered. Safe space. Social justice warriors. The terminology itself is enough to make me vomit. These are dangerous concepts. It’s a stubborn movement with no end in sight, except that there are always consequences. Ideologies that can seem like an unstoppable force are always so, until they are met by an immovable object.

World War II was an example of what can happen when dangerous ideologies grow to a point where they collide. At its heart, the war was a battle between communism and fascism. Russia and Germany collided, leaving immense destruction in its path. It is too early to tell, but the social justice movement on the left is already leading to a direct response in the opposite direction from the right.

If those in the middle do not come to their senses and begin to take control and debate today’s issues in an open environment, than the middle will be left to choose a side. What might start off as a reasonable response as the pendulum swings can quickly grow out of control, as it did in Germany in the 1930s, and it will be too late. Either power on the extreme left or right will eventually seize the vacuum that is left in the enormous gulf that currently resides between left and right. One side will win, but it will be brutal. What we saw in Berkeley a few weeks ago looked eerily similar to the types of street battles that occurred in Weimar Germany.

This is not unusual. Whenever an ideology begins to grow powerful, people will begin to take notice. If there isn’t enough reasonable citizens who take notice early on, the response will end up being swift and brutal by a vocal minority. History has shown us this. People are beginning to get angry on both sides. There is a lot of yelling and pointing fingers, but no solutions. Violence will take its place.

There are plenty of reasonable people out there. The silent majority as they call it. But this silent majority contains a lot of people who aren’t currently affected by the system. They like the way things are, so they do nothing. Then one day, they will look around and ask themselves “how did this happen?”. It happened because you let it happen.

Is everyone going to just sit and do nothing? It is too late for nothing, for things have changed. Powerful forces will take action and ensure change occurs if nothing is being done. To stem the tide of extremism then the silent majority must accept that things have to change that benefit all people, not just themselves, or they will be left to wonder what could’ve been.

The pendulum is swinging. There are a majority of people that can help ease the velocity of which this pendulum moves. But for it to happen, people must look outside their little bubbles. It is time for them to step outside of their comfortable existence and accept that things need to get a little uncomfortable for a while, before any return to normalcy will require destructive forces. The pendulum must swing, it just doesn’t need to over-correct.


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