Part 1: Ballin’

College Basketball in the 80s through 1994 was the best period of college sports I have ever witnessed. In particular, at its peak, the period of 1990-1993 was simply remarkable. The same period for the NHL was the best of professional sports that I have ever watched. I continued to watch College Basketball with enthusiasm post-1993, but was always left reminiscing of what it used to be. In the case of hockey, I did nothing but reminisce as I watched the sport decline to levels of embarrassment it is only starting to climb out from. Like an old man, I'm resorted to looking back on those days fondly, wishing it could come back. Sports isn't everything obviously, but if you enjoy sports and are watching an era of the sport at its pinnacle, enjoy it while it lasts. Things don't progress as you would like them to. It is all a business after all. This part will take a look at that era of College Basketball.

Year Zero

For the past six years I have not integrated into a country that I moved to. I have been coasting and just jumping from sinking ship to sinking ship just to remain afloat. I look around now and realize that I find I’ve allowed myself to form a group of friends that don’t share many of my views or interests. I haven’t made much of an effort to make any new ones other than the group I was introduced to after my first few weeks moving here.