In late 2015 a group of us decided to write a series of articles over the course of a year. The intent was to practice writing and determine if any of us had the stomach (or time) to endure writing.

A year later we determined a few of us enjoyed the aspect of writing enough to want to start a blog. We each believed we all had something important to say, and the events of 2016 helped to transpire that.

So with that, we started this blog in early 2017. The initial series of posts are a mix of historical posts written during 2016 as well as current posts. Thereafter, everything will be current.

We have no agenda. It is true that the majority of us are dissatisfied with our jobs, although that is not unusual, but for now this is only a hobby. We aren’t striving to get clicks with sensationalized headlines, we aren’t going to tailor our writings to what the demand is from readers for profit and we aren’t biased in any intentional sense. We try to write about the things that are important to us and share our views (along with facts), but most importantly, we always remain open to reshaping these views and having them challenged by debate and free speech – a principle that many in the media and in public seem to ignore or forget.