The Pendulum

It swings right, then it swings left. What we are now seeing is the beginning of a swing to the right. Triggered. Safe space. Social justice warriors. The terminology itself is enough to make me vomit. These are dangerous concepts. It’s a stubborn movement with no end insight, except that there are always consequences. Ideologies that can seem unstoppable are always so until they are met by an immovable force. World War II was an example of what can happen when dangerous ideologies grow to a point where they collide. At its heart, the war was a battle between communism (the left) and facism (the right). Russia and Germany collided, leaving immense destruction in its path. It is too early to tell, but the social justice movement on the left is already leading to a rise in the opposite direction from the right.

The London Chronicles: Fed Up

I was due to catch a flight at 11am from Heathrow to Shannon, Ireland for a wedding. My friends and I were to go straight from the airport to the wedding ceremony that Saturday. Having travelled repeatedly out of Heathrow, I knew exactly when to leave my flat to avoid sitting around Heathrow watching the clock and idiotic travellers shop at an airport. I woke up expecting the day to be relatively calm and peaceful. It took me two hours to experience enough stress and angry thoughts to send most people onto a therapists' couch (or into a mental institution).